ICC Region I Radio, Judy Zakreski, Senior Vice President, Global Operations & Solutions with ICC

In this episode I spoke with Judy Zakreski, Senior Vice President, Global Operations & Solutions. In this episode we discussed her role with the International Code Council, ICC’s global efforts and the implementation of the Family of Solutions, the many partnerships and development of a global network to promote building safety and many more topics. Below are links to the items we discussed:

ICC Pulse Podcast (episode 48): https://www.iccsafe.org/about/periodi…

ICC Global Microsite: http://global.iccsafe.org

ICC Global Media Center: https://global.iccsafe.org/about/glob…

ICC Global Services: https://www.iccsafe.org/products-and-…

ICC COP (climate change) resources: www.iccsafe.org/unfccc

Inter-jurisdictional Regional Collaboration Committee (IRCC): www.ircc.info

International Building Quality Centre (IBQC): www.ibqc.org.au

Global Resiliency Dialogue/Global Building Resilience Guidelines: www.globalresiliency.org